In this photo the color of the flower and the contrast of leaf is attractive.Beauty of the photo is enhanced by the Hexi cycle. The yellowish-Blue color of the cycle is great catch for the eye.

Picture credit:- Apurvafocal length:-4.10mmExposure time:1/100ISO:-160Resolution:-4068*1286Model:-Mi A1
Ever drop of water connects you to the sea, as little drops of water combines to make the mighty sea.
This beautiful sunset view with water drops is trying to connect us with the beautiful sea view.
It's the creativity with the camera by aaphotographer's..

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Model: OnePlus 5Focal Length: 4.10mmAperture: f/1.7Exposure time: 1/8000ISO:100Resolution:4608*3456

Sunset Creativity

Hey guys, ocean/sea/river this is what you would be thinking when you see this image. But wait....

Its not ocean or sea or river , its the sunset captured from the balcony.
You must be thinking how?
Let me give you the answer...
The photo is clicked by putting water in the boundary of balcony.
It's the creativity with camera by Arpan.

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Focal length = 4.10mm
Aperture= f/1.7
Exposure time = 3/10000
ISO= 100
Resolution= 4608*3456
This picture is describing the initial phase of a flower(bud).After a long, cold winter, the trees finally began to produce buds in the autumn.It defines the beauty of nature. 

focal length:-3.81mmExposure time:1/100ISO:-160Resolution:-4068*1286Model:-Mi A1